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Easily upload raw data, run bioinformatics pipelines, and conduct downstream exploratory analysis to generate publication-ready figures, all without any coding required. Store large, raw sequencing data files and transform them into biologically-meaningful results right in your browser. Plus, ensure end-to-end reproducibility when running fast and flexible bioinformatics analyses with comprehensive parameter tracking.

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Intuitively search by experiment, analysis, plot type, organism, date, and more. Summarize measured values with fully customizable bar plots, boxplots, line plots, and other standard graphs. Conduct complex bioinformatics analyses and visualize with biology-specific plots like volcano plots, GSEA, heatmaps, and UMAPs. Identify consistent results by overlapping lists and diving deeper into each new finding. Take your research to the next level by storing imaging results and uploading figures from other programs or published papers, going beyond the limitations of traditional spreadsheets.

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Data Management

Organize your biological data sets generated under different programs into cohesive projects, enabling seamless searching across data, files, and interactive plots. Consolidate your findings into a single source of truth by incorporating programmatic access, maintaining change history, and employing dynamic analysis methods for enhanced efficiency and precision.

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Collaborate in real-time and give biologists the power to make discoveries from their own data. Enhance productivity by iterating rapidly and securely through figure links; eliminating the need to send static images via email. Leave comments for collaborators and use an AI copilot to help you interpret your results.

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Say goodbye to disparate tools. Pluto integrates with sequencing vendors, electronic lab notebooks, public data repositories, and your own custom workflows.

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Pluto has AICPA System and Organization Controls (SOC) SOC 2 Type 1 and 2 reports, with real-time continuous monitoring. We're GDPR-ready and HIPAA-ready with solutions to meet your organization's specific requirements. We align with the NIH Genomic Data Standards, automatically tracking data provenance, version change history, and operational metrics for real-time reports. Pluto can prepare and submit data to the Gene Expression Omnibus (GEO) repository for publication upon request. 

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